Sunday, August 20, 2006

In the Pink or Out of the Blue

I belong to a great community of scrapbookers and on our message board, there are ample opportunities to participate in challenges. Page layout challenges, photography challenges, card making, etc. There are even lots of NSBR (Not ScrapBook Related) challenges one can join - weight loss, debt reduction, life simplification. And most recently, a blogging of the main reasons I started my own blog.

And I'm already running a week behind. I see as I logged on this morning that the next challenge is already posted and here I am typing up last week's - an entry about my favorite color. Well, better late than never!

I think I have loved pink since I was very small. Some of my earliest memories are pink - the pink army bed Dad painted for me that was in my bedroom in Montana. A pink dress that someone, probably Mom, made for me. Definitely my pink Snow White blanket that Mom and Grandma Stott quilted (the one that is...ahem...still on my bed today.) I painted my room pink in the house in Washington. I even wore a pink dress to my senior prom.

As an adult, I think I went through a phase of trying to rid myself of the color pink. Perhaps it was too little-girly, not grown-up enough. And so, I went through the black phase (obviously around the time I got married.) Hence, the black and white wedding, the black and white towels and dishes received at our reception (which I would love to replace but can't afford to), the white couch and black chair (couch is long gone but the chair remains.)

And then there was the green phase, definitely a hunter green...and our old bedspread is still here to prove it. A green set of towels for the bathroom in Philadelphia

Finally, I think I have settled into a love of blue. Its been around for a long time now. I love Americana decorating, lots of denim shades accented with red and white. I love to wear navy and get compliments when I do. When looking at my recently color-coordinated closet, it is mostly blue. A little khaki, a bit of black, but a whole heck of a lot of blue. And with a houseful of boys and one daughter who can't stand pink, blue is much more practical as a decorating and living choice.

But I still love pink...