Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Open letters...

Dear neighbor -

Please move your van. Since your wife is the secretary for the subdivision association and sent out the letters about work vehicles not permitted on the street, YOU SHOULD KNOW it is not allowed. Just because you have magnetic signs that you remove as you park, does not mean you should be getting away with it.

I can't see around the ginormous, windowless thing to pull out of my driveway. My KIDS can't see traffic coming til they're halfway across the street! And seriously...I can't believe you moved the 30+ yard bags up onto our lawn just so you could park there.

Dear Michael (DH) -

You are an angel and I am truly blessed. I can't believe you flew out west, dealt with my step-father (and kept the peace!), drove 2600+ miles back to Mighigan PULLING A TRAILER...just so I could have a safe, big-enough-for-all-the-kids vehicle AND a sewing cabinet. Thank you with all of my heart!

Dear high school kid in the red car -

It is a school zone. The speed limit is 20mph. It will not kill you to slow down. But it may kill a child if you do not.

Dear Matthew -

If you do not start doing your homework sometime soon, you WILL be repeating the 8th grade. In the same grade as your sister....

Dear Michelle -

Please stop putting off the weight loss. "I'll start tomorrow" and having one more cookie is not going to get you into that little black dress for DH's graduation. It is now only 6 months away. Start today!