Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer 2010, part 2

After Girls' Camp, Boy Scout Encampment, XCountry Camp (all of which I sadly have no photos of) we did manage to fit in some regular old summer fun, even for the bigs.

The littles and McKelle and I took a trip to Grandpa's to pick raspberries while he was in California. The fruit and fresh garden produce is probably my favorite part of summer.

We took a few trips to various parks, but summer in SE Washington was HOT and way too sunny for me to be outside much - if we can find time between soccer practices and football games, the weather has cooled off to a much more tolerable level. I hope to make going to the park a more regular part of the littles' days.

We did do quite a bit of swimming. We swam at the hotel in Provo, at the Scera in Orem and at Roaring Waters just outside of Boise. The littles and Mitchell took a couple of sessions of swimming lessons at the Y and Max even got his picture in the paper last Sunday in an article highlighting the need for water safety and learning to swim.

Mitchell passed two sessions and is becoming a much better swimmer!

Mason passed both of his sessions, but probably needs a refresher course on the safety issues. Mommy ended up throwing her camera on the table and jumping in the hotel pool with her jeans on shortly after this picture was taken (Daddy was on the other side of the pool judging canon balls with the bigs and middles.)

Once a month blogger

Perhaps I should change my blog name. I almost missed August completely! Hopefully now that the kids are back in school and there is some semblance of a schedule, albeit a crazy busy one, I will make the time to blog more often. The funny thing is, I write blog posts in my head all the time - too bad my Mac doesn't read minds...

Summer was a time for celebrations!

Mason turned 4 and requested the "pool cake." I should be pretty good at this one by now - I made one for Max last year and one many years ago for Matt when we lived in Philly.

I tried to encourage as much outdoor time as possible, but was not a great example (heat and high dose steroids are NOT a good mix!) 

Bubbles are fun! Especially golfing bubbles.

Max got really good at the hula hoop. Mason tried really hard.

One member of the family had a high flying adventure.

Two little brothers were wishing they were going on the high flying adventure!

And one member of the family decided it would be much more fun to jump out of a perfectly good airplane!