Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Max's New Mom

Max's invisible friend Carlyn seems to have left the building. I miss her! I miss Max answering the door to let her in and holding her hand throughout the house. I miss Max making phone calls to invite Carlyn over. I miss their little tete-a-tetes on his Spiderman couch and how he let her choose a movie.

But someone new has popped up!

After lunch yesterday, I let Max and Mason choose a treat from the treat bucket. Max finished his Starburst and asked for another one. I told him one was enough. A little while later, I found him climbing on the counter, trying to reach the bucket again. I asked him what he was doing, as I had told him no more treats.

"My other mom told me I could."

Your other mom, huh? I thought I was your mom.

"Yeah, but I have another mom, too and she said I could have another candy."

So, what do you need another mom for?

"Well, one is a good mom and the other is a bad mom."

(Of course, I'm thinking that as the candy forbidder, I'm must be the bad one!)
Max, am I the bad mom or the good mom?

"Oh, you're the good mom. I love you the most. But I still have the other mom, too. And she says I can have more candy."


Brynn said...

OMGosh, that is hilarious! Nice to know you're the good one! (At least today!). You should print this out & scrap it, this could come in handy years from now when he needs a "reminder"!!! :)