Thursday, June 11, 2009

Aaaaargh!! Apple equivalent of Blue Screen of Death??

Our desk top iMac is not working. For the last couple of days, there have been strange clicking noises when I started it up, but then it seemed to run fine. Yesterday, I got what I think might be the Mac equivalent of the PC Blue Screen of Death. White screen, little file folder icon blinking in the middle with a big ol' question mark. Won't do anything else. Just sits there, blinking at me.

Just uploaded hundreds of photos (and deleted them off my camera card) including Dad's wedding, Trev's birthday, the boys playing outside in their new sprinkler. I have close to 4,000 photos on iPhoto and I just started putting them on an external hard drive last week. Didn't get very far since we had visitors this week.

I'm going to cry!! The nearest Apple store is in Portland...or Seattle. The darn thing is less than three years old and we have never, ever had any problems with it. Waaaaah!!


The Mullen Family said...

I thought Mac's weren't suppose to have problems lol. I'm sorry. That really bites. I am keeping my fingers crossed you didn't lose everything.

Dawn said...

I am SO sorry! :( I would help, but I don't know much about Mac's. Don't fret too much. I know with PC's you can retrieve data off a bad hard drive (I know - I have done it before). Even though you are having an issue with the Mac OS it doesn't mean you will lose all of your data.

Lee said...

Oh, Michelle :( I'm familiar with that terrible feeling in the pit of your stomach. Time for a road trip - or a few phone calls. Sending positive retrieval vibes!

mary said...

I can relate to this, we had the same issues a few months ago. Hopefully everything is recovered.