Sunday, October 11, 2009

LOAD Day 11

Reflecting a little on how fast time has gone. I took Matthew to pick out and pay for his Homecoming date's corsage yesterday. How did that sweet little boy grow up so fast?!

A friend of mine has been taking senior portraits for some of the kids in our ward. As I looked over her website with lots of gorgeous proofs, I told her she needed to do Matt's. NEXT. YEAR. That shocked me. It hit me, hard. He will be a senior next year. The very last year that he will for sure be living in my home, directly in my realm of influence. I suddenly felt like I had so much left to do in the raising of my oldest. And yes, for those who know me, lots of tears were shed while finishing this page.


Lee said...

Let me assure you, tears shed reading your post - and I'd already seen and read the layout on LOAD! Plenty of tears here when Claire started her first year of high school in September. I'll be a puddle in 2013!!

Josh, Shauna, Allison, Brynlee said...

So after he graduates will he possibly be moving closer to his Aunt and Uncle and go to one of the BYU's???? We would love to see him more especially if he is in Idaho we can really keep up on him and have him over for dinner and all!

Torrie said...

I know I am going to be a mess when my oldest is graduating. She's in 1st grade this year so I have time, right??