Monday, November 09, 2009

Conversations with a 3 year old (prompt 4)

Since Max started kindergarten in August, Mason gets my company 24-7. And I get his  =)  Conversations with Mason run the gamut from perplexing to silly to downright hilarious. Consider this recent funny:

Mason - "Mom, we should get a dolphin at our house."
Me - "A dolphin? What would you do with it?"
Mason - "Mom! I would play with her."
Me - "Where would she live?"
Mason - "At our house."
Me - "The dolphin needs an ocean to live in. Where would we get one?"
Mason - "From the water, Mom! And we would put some mud around the house, too."

PSA - If you dress your three year old as a road sign for Halloween, be prepared to have a backseat driver for years to come. "S-T-O-P! That spells stop, Mom. You were supposed to stop!" or "Hey, Mom. You can't park here! N-O spells no. No parking!"