Friday, February 12, 2010

Sweets...or not.

Off to have a chest x-ray...or maybe it was a CT. Can't remember what the nurse said now. Head is in a bit of a fog. Looking to see if I have pneumonia. I am just hopeful that a diagnosis will also provide a treatment plan. I'm a little worried though as I have already done antibiotics twice since I started getting sick in October. Not so sweet.

Sweet is my little companion Mason. He has been so good at all the trips to the doctor and lab this week. He just walked in with his shoes on the wrong feet and I told him "Wrong feet, sweets. Change your shoes around."

He looked at me and said "why do you call me that?"

"What? Sweets? Because you are sweet. You're my sweets."

"Moooom. I am not."

"Sure you are. You are my little sweets. It's a good thing!"

"Mom. Sweets are candy. It's not a good thing!"

Well, you, Mason are a good thing. (And I'll probably slip up and call you "sweets" a whole lot more...just because I love you.) Definitely sweet.


Emily Pitts said...

ew, i'm so sorry you've been this sick for so long! hoping things turn around really soon. thanks for your blog comments on the bishop thing. it's still rather surreal.

vtpuggirl said...

I hope that you do not have pneumonia, hang in there. Happy mail coming soon!

Lydia said...

Get better soon! wonderful photo

vtpuggirl said...

How are you doing? Ok I hope!

Susan said...

I call my girls sweets too! Nate is always buddy.