Wednesday, June 02, 2010

What we're up to...

This one? He's going to be a SENIOR next year!! I'm freaking out, just a little. He got more involved in school this year - ran a little XCountry, swam (and I *think* he's going to be the swim team captain next year) and tried throwing shot and discus...I'm pretty sure that last one was so he could hang out with Julia even more.

And my girl? She is counting down the days til she turns 16. Holy cow - how did that happen?? I think her father may just chain her up in her room!

She also ran Xcountry (and kept training all winter) and went to Districts in track. She's running the 3200 and occasionally the mile, but the longer distance seems to be her forte. Still playing the flute, taking as many AP classes as she can fit in her schedule, MiaMaid class president - busy, busy girl. Can't wait til she can drive herself to all this busy-ness!

Micah - I'm having a hard time finding a picture of him. He tends to stay away from my camera, mostly in his room reading. My mom says he, of all the kids, reminds her most of me.

He turned 13 in March, bringing the total teenager count to three! He played soccer in the fall and is planning on it again this year. Despite a not-so-great band teacher, he is continuing with drums/percussion (and the teacher is leaving so I hope we get a great one to replace him!) and even has friends over occasionally to practice for their own little band.

The picture pretty much says it all. Life with Mitchell is always interesting. He played soccer, but doesn't want to anymore. Thinks football will be much better. He spends a lot of time playing Warhammer and Magic - I just wish he could garner the same interest for school! He sang in Swinging Singers for a semester, but decided that wasn't for him. At least he stuck with Rockin' Rhythms for the whole year (they play giant marimbas and they DO have an amazing teacher - I wish I could be in her class!)

And my sweet Max. He's just about to finish his kindergarten year. His teacher adores him and will be sad to let him move on!

Max was so excited to play soccer this year (finally 5!), go to school and this spring, Michael signed him up for t-ball. Despite almost half of his games being rained out, he has loved every minute of it!

And Mason? Somebody thought I needed excitement, thrills, conflict, back-talk and love to infinity in my old age. He keeps the house hopping, is always right (don't even try to tell him anything...even when he asks) and cannot wait to do all the thing the "big brothers" do.

Me being sick has been a little hard on Mason and I think a few of his more trying behaviors might have developed while his little self was trying to figure out what was going on. We're working on it ;)


Camden said...

It's very fun to read about your kids now that we got to know them a little this summer! + how creative are you? When do you find the time?