Saturday, October 30, 2010

Something's gotta give

And what gave was pretty much the whole month of October.

Struggling to figure out why I feel worse than I did at the end of summer. Seeing the ENT, the nephrologist, the pulmonologist and any other -ist who might have some idea why we're not seeing remission yet. Upping the prednisone after spending last Saturday in the clinic getting chest x-rays and breathing treatments.

I LOVE October. Absolutely, 100% adore it. I love fall and Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. I love the decorations, the food, the costumes! I anticipate the season all year long - adding to my Halloween decor, coming up with and making costumes for the whole family, making spooky food and treats throughout the month, carving pumpkins and roasting the seeds, trick-or-treat. What's not to love?!!

But this October? Most of my projects are still sitting in the bags in my basement. The only thing that got done was a little specimen art.

The outside of the house never got decorated and the pumpkins are still sitting on the kitchen table, waiting to be carved. 

The hardest thing of all? No family costumes this year. No theme, no sewing, no gluing, no CREATING. It seemed kind of empty, you know? Instead, we recycled and the kids threw together last minute (literally!) costumes from the costume box before Trunk-or-Treat last night.

If for nothing else, I have got to get feeling better so I can enjoy my Octobers again. 


Amy and Brad said...

Oh Michelle, I am so sorry to hear you are feeling worse, upping prednisone and, also, that you didn't get to do October up the way you normally do.

Please know how amazed I am by all you DO accomplish. Through all the struggles of the last year or so, you continue to care for a family of 8, run our ward's YW program, keep a smile on your face (which I might add, tricked me into thinking you might be feeling BETTER!) and just generally run circles around the rest of us. Praying that next October will be everything you want it to be. Love you!

Lisa said...

Our lovely Michelle, we love you so much. Hang in there. We pray for you everyday and love you to the moon. All will be well. xo!!!

Voila! said...

Michelle, How well I remember our early Halloween celebrations in Philadelphia. I'm sad that you are feeling so yucky and that you are missing out on the things you love to do. How I wish I could be there to help and to lend a hand. I'm praying for you friend!

Josie Pie said...

I LOVE your Halloween art! That's so cute!