Thursday, February 19, 2009

Resident comedians

A few recent Max-isms and Mason-ese for your enjoyment.

Mason has been fascinated with gum lately. So much so, that under a certain babysitter's watch (who shall remain nameless) he consumed an entire pack of gum out of my purse. We have been working on chewing and not swallowing. When I do give him gum, he will come running every so often, mouth wide open, to show me the gum is still above his uvula. After one lecture about not swallowing, he looked at me and said "I can't swallow the gum, but can I swallow the taste of it?"

Definitely a scrapbook page in the making!

Some recent questions from Max:

"Mom, when Mason changes into a girl, will we still call him Mason?"
"Mom, did you know babies come from seaweed?" (Where that came from is anybody's guess...)

And something cute from Mason:

"Mom, if you were a toy, we could play with you." (What in the world am I doing all day, anyway??)

Conversations in the car are a source of hilarity. A recent one:

Me "Eeeeww! I can smell a skunk. Mason, can you smell that stinky skunk?"
Mason "Yeah. Somebody should change his diaper!"

Max "Mom, can you spell Daddy's name?"
Me "Do you mean Dad or daddy? (because he has been spelling D-A-D lately)"
Max "You know, Mom. The guy with no hair!"

Funny statements by Mason:

"If you close your eyes, you can see out your ears."

(on the way home from Walmart) "I like the dinosaurs we brought home with us today." Funny, I thought we brought home fruits and veggies.

"Did you throw down?" (questioning Max after he had a bout of stomach ick)

And two last funnies from Max:

"Snot is way more better than ear wax." (said after I told him not to pick his nose and eat it. UGH!!)

"Yeah, right means no." (why yes, yes it does, son.)


Brittany said...

I can't get over your big kids. Love it when kids say funny stuff.

Brynn said...

OMGosh, those are hilarious!

Camden said...

I am laughing out loud at your kids. i love the one about "you know, the guy with no hair!" I love it!