Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Proud mama...

Saturday was a goal scoring bonanza for the Wilwands. I missed both of Micah's game (two in one day!) because of a church commitment, but Michael texted me about Micah's fantastic goal keeping and then a great goal. They won 2-1 in a hard fought game.

Mitchell has been playing soccer for about three years now. He has struggled a bit to find his place, but it all seems to be coming together this season. Guess my kids are just late bloomers. He had several excellent passes, played great at goalie and scored his first two goals ever in his game Saturday. Woohoo, Mitchell!!


Lee said...

Congratulations boys! I too have a couple of "late bloomers". Hard to believe they're late when in "my day" we didn't even start until 11 or 12!