Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Fill-Ins #126 we go!

1. It's cold and creamy and absolutely luscious to the taste. Icecream!! I'm definitely my father's daughter...I LOVE icecream!

2. Mmmmm! Fresh from the garden tomatoes. I'll have to steal some from Dad's garden this year...we didn't plant anything as we don't own the house and there is no place for a garden...unless we tear up some lawn.

3. My favorite health and beauty product is my new BE makeup and the shampoo/conditioner I buy from Heather's salon. BE is awesome - so fast, simple and great coverage without looking heavy. And my conditioner? Smells divine! Love that peppermint scent to help me wake up in the morning.

4. Going to Utah would be a nice long ride. I need to make plans to get down there. Soon!

5. Well, first of all I need about 24 more hours in my day. I would love to be able to turn everybody else off for awhile so I could run around getting stuff done!

6. Max and Mason, Kobe and Ely, Macy, Parker, Jackson and Samantha; those were the cast of characters in a recent dream and it was wild and crazy get-together of all the little Stott cousins!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to spending the day at Dad's helping him clean out some rooms and a BBQ at our friends the Taylors' home, tomorrow my plans include heading over to the Tri-Cities again to celebrate Macy's 5th birthday and Sunday, I want to finish the book I've been reading!