Thursday, September 10, 2009

Our summer in pictures...

McKelle enjoying a bit of water play at Holland Lake, MT.

A ride around Holland Lake lulled Mason to sleep on Daddy's chest.

Micah, McKelle and Matthew enjoyed a wild ride! The kids were thrilled to tube, ski and jet ski during the Stott family reunion. I was so happy to go back again. One of my favorite memories of childhood is going to Holland Lake every summer.

Guess who started looking at Skidoo ads as soon as we got home??

Max always manages to find a girlfriend, everywhere we go. He had a blast with all the second cousins!

We sent McKelle off on her very first solo airplane trip. She flew down to Utah to help Aunt Nyla out with the driving trip back up to Washington. She was the first of our family to meet the darling Samantha and fell in love with this adorable littlest cousin. The plane ride went off without a hitch, except for a too-big lotion bottle that she had to toss to me while going through security.

The kids spent some great cousin time together this summer. It was so nice to have Nyla and her kids up for a week. Very hard to get a good picture of all the children.

The "orange cousins" look like they had a good time at the water fight/5th birthday for Max/16th birthday for Matthew/35th birthday for Giana

How in the world am I old enough to have a 16 year old child??

Max had a pool cake for his 5th. Appropriate with all the water being thrown around. Chocolate cake for Matt, pool cake for Max and cheesecake for Giana!

A trip over to the Tri-Cities to Macy's Nana's pool was a great way to beat the heat (110!!) we had this summer. Mason thoroughly enjoyed the pool, even jumping off the diving board himself.

Some of my favorite pictures of the summer! Uncle AJ got a workout throwing all the kids in the pool!! Nyla's oldest Parker was a repeat visitor...many, many times!

A little hula-hooping is a fitting ending to Summer 2009, Part 1.