Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Poor, lonely neglected blog

I have no excuse. Or I have every excuse. Summer was a blast. Summer was BUSY. Fall is shaping up to be even busier. Yikes! My mom was hoping I could commit to some time next summer for a reunion. I can't even commit to time tomorrow for a shower!

The kids are back in school. Max started kindergarten, which leaves one lonely little Mason here with me. Playing with mom all day is just not that exciting and he keeps asking if two years are up yet. Matt and McKelle are running cross country this fall (after much pressure from the track coach for McKelle to switch from soccer to cc.) Seems to have been a good choice as she made Varsity after the intra-squad meet Saturday! Matt is doing fine, but this is his first foray into high school sports. He'll do fine - just needs to stay motivated.

Micah, Mitchell and Max are playing soccer. This is another bee in Mason's bonnet since he can't play til he's 5. I'm kind of glad he isn't because I don't think I could fit another soccer taxi run into the schedule.

Having Mason home all day has put a bit of a damper on my creativity. I can no longer send him off with Max for half hour or so and escape to my scraproom. He's much more apt to get into mischief than Max (speaking of mischief, I spent a weekend in Seattle with my sisters in August and while I was gone, Mason shattered the upstairs shower door, killed a frog and knocked down a flower arch at a wedding reception Michael attended with the kids. Oy!)

I did get a chance to spend some time down here yesterday and polished off several layouts. I'm in love with the pictures of the two boys on the front porch and have done several pages already. I will probably do more! Every once in awhile, I luck out and get a few great photos!

All the layouts except "Pucker Up, Santa" and "with my MOUTH open wide" are done with Studio Calico kits. Love them!!


Bonnie said...

Cute layouts! My favorite is Remember Today. I think I may have to Scraplift that one.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am not stalking you, but I happened to see your comment about loading the ATG gun on the scrap review, and that youhad problems. I found these instructions on the blog below, and they really helped me!

Hope that helps!