Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Cha cha cha changes!

There are many things that are frustrating about this house, but one thing I love is my mantle! Actually, I have two, but this one just begs to be decorated. And I just can't seem to help myself, adding and changing, adjusting and shifting, putting up just one more thing to get it to look just perfect.

I added the banner this morning - duck cloth/canvas cut into pennant shapes and stamped with red acrylic paint. I tried using PTI's Boxy Banner Die (scroll down) but it didn't quite cut through the canvas. Not sure if I had the die cutting "sandwich" just right because those dies cut through felt like butter. It did, however, make a great pattern and it was easy to follow the almost-cut-through lines with my Ginghers. To keep things simple, I just attached the pennants to red twine with cute little clothes pins I picked up at Hobby Lobby (yay for the new one in Kennewick, which is only an hour from my house!)

Edited to add - Letter M & Ws and the number 8 (we have 8 in our family) came from Restoration Hardware. Had a friends & family coupon last fall and splurged a little! :)

I was absolutely giddy when eighteen25 put another free printable on their blog for Valentine's Day. I LOVE these!!

Picked up the white W and 8 balls at Pier One. Couldn't find any Ms.

Just a few little red hearts and tinsel in jars and an older canvas I made for Michael's office back in Minnesota. Yes, Max often made that face for pictures :)

Do you decorate for Valentine's Day? This mama to 5 boys and 1 very anti-pink/anything frilly daughter relishes the opportunity!

Posted this at my very first linky party over at eighteen25.


aveggiegarden said...

Where did you get your letters on your mantle?

Jenni said...

super pretty! I love it!

Christa said...

I love it! That is beautiful!

Mary Jo said...

LOVE your mantel decorations! Very inspirational :)

Melissa said...

Beautiful! I so wish I had a mantel to decorate!

Kelly Noel said...

LOVE your mantel! FUN!

KarenP(kphike) said...

This is beautiful Michelle! I struggle with the Valentines decor (a heart wreath and some hearts in an apothecary jar is my current state) LOVE the subway art link and that site! Thank you for sharing and inspiring!

lisa truesdell said...


Carin said...

Michelle! I was checking out eighteen25 this morning and saw the name "arlamo." I remember my Mom telling me that was your blog... connected the M & W on your mantle and new it had to be you.

So fun to run into you this way... :)

LOVE your mantle. Cute V-day decor!

-Cousin Carin