Wednesday, February 02, 2011

It's been awhile, but for good reason

I had good intentions. A December Daily, lots of blog posts, finishing my TH tags, and oodles of Christmas and holiday activities with the family. It ended up much simpler, with me letting go of plans and even traditions out of necessity rather than by choice. 2010 ended on a rough note, health-wise, and I wasn't particularly sad to see it end.

All through the beginning of December, I was contemplating my OLW (one little word - a la Ali Edwards) and one kept settling in my mind. I suffered a bit of guilt with my word (phrase, actually) from 2010. I had, again, so many intentions, but all of the health problems this last year really derailed my goals. And so, I am slowly acclimating to the new "normal", which is me with a chronic disease, lots of meds, and never, ever enough energy to get my to-do lists done. Readjustment of expectations was in order.

My 2011 word?


As I made my way through the month of January, I am confident I made the perfect choice. Improve can cover the very smallest of gains - spiritually, mentally, physically, creatively - and it will cover the big changes for better as well. It will apply to the day when a long nap is my most productive endeavor. It applied when meeting with Dr. Merryfield to work on underlying health (improving diet, hormone levels, stress levels, etc.) and definitely came into play with my decision to spend a week at the Cleveland Clinic, meeting with some of the best Wegener's doctors in the country.

Here's to a new year, full of improvement!