Monday, January 04, 2010

Good Better Best

Always the overachiever, I can't even choose just one word for my 2010 One Little Word

2009 began with high expectations. My word was LEARN and I had all kinds of hopes and intentions. On-line classes, a stack of books to be read, various plans to be put into place with my children. Reality struck less than one month into the year when I was called to be the Young Women's President in our ward (church congregation.) I spent the next several months struggling (and learning, for sure!) how to balance this enormous responsibility and still maintain some semblance of order at home. Some of my intended learning venues and plans had to take a back seat - my path certainly took a turn that I wasn't expecting!

But all in all, the year was full of learning. I learned that I love teenagers! I learned to do some very creative balancing of church responsibilities and home life. I learned I can go four days without a shower at Girls' Camp and absolutely love every minute of it (except perhaps the bear!)

And later in the year, I was able to add a few of those things I had been planning from the beginning. I took and finished a fantastic photography course from John Gringo at Creative Techs. I finished two parts of a five part Photoshop class, also at Creative Techs. They have a great selection of classes and best of all, they're FREE!

I plowed through a pile of books, though probably not original goal of 52 and learned that I love the Elizabethan period (thanks, Nyla!!) The Lady Elizabeth and Katherine were definite favorites.

I learned that letting go of some traditions in an effort to simplify was ok. And that skipping others was a huge let down for my family and won't be an option next year.

Which leads me to my choice for 2010. I spent some time this year considering my one word. BALANCE came to mind, but didn't quite encompass what I wanted. FOCUS was another front runner. I thought I had finally settled on PRIORITIZE and even posted it, put it out there in the cyber world in response to a couple of blogs. But there was a little niggle in my brain that said it wasn't quite right.

Then, I recalled this talk given by Elder Dallin Oaks in the LDS General Conference, October 2007. I needed more than a word, I needed this phrase for my 2010 mantra. GOOD BETTER BEST. The brief summary at the top of Elder Oaks' talk says it perfectly: "We have to forego some good things in order to choose others that are better or best..."

Obviously, it applies in my spiritual life. But it really is something I want to apply in all areas of life. Too often, I get caught up in something that is good and miss out on that which is better (or best) for me and my family. I can already see that it will be a great tool in my yoyo-ing weight loss/better health journey. Family life, interaction with my children and husband, choices about creative endeavors to fill my time - all can be governed well by keeping this phrase at the forefront of my brain.

Here's to a BETTER year, hopefully the BEST yet!


Jupiter Family said...

Happy New Year !!!

2010 New Year's Fireworks show

Lee said...

Wonderful, Michelle! All the best the new year has to bring to you and your family. Here's to the BEST year yet!

mary said...

Brilliant. I'll most likely steal your phrase, it's exactly what I've been looking for.

Emily Pitts said...

i love it when one talk hits you and you just know. this is a great word for the year, i cheer you on!

Brittany said...

I like that idea of choosing a word for your year's focus. Thanks for the inspiration.