Thursday, January 01, 2009

One word for 2009

I have to admit that I forgot to put some thought into this, but when I read Ali's blog and all the comments about choosing a word for 2009, one popped into my head right away and seems to be just the right fit.

So, without further ado, my word for 2009 is:



Middle English lernen, from Old English leornian; akin to Old High German lernēn to learn, Old English last footprint, Latin lira furrow, track

1 a (1): to gain knowledge or understanding of or skill in by study, instruction, or experience (2): memorize b: to come to be able c: to come to realize
2 anonstandard : teach bobsolete : to inform of something
3: to come to know : hear
intransitive verb
: to acquire knowledge or skill or a behavioral tendency
synonyms see discover
— learn·able \ˈlər-nə-bəl\ adjective
— learn·er noun
usage Learn in the sense of “teach” dates from the 13th century and was standard until at least the early 19th . But by Mark Twain's time it was receding to a speech form associated chiefly with the less educated . The present-day status of learn has not risen. This use persists in speech, but in writing it appears mainly in the representation of such speech or its deliberate imitation for effect.

I love this definition. I love that the word learn has aspects of teaching - some of my thoughts for this year definitely revolve around being more a teacher to my children.

As far as my own learning, I have several things in mind. More will follow, I am sure, as the year pans out. I have committed to learning Photoshop and I signed up for some highly regarded on-line classes to do so. I am committed to learning to use my new digital SLR. I am scoping out some local photography classes and I'm also signed up for a photography challenge on my favorite scrapbook message board.

I have some cooking things planned, both for me and for my children, including a Cookie-of-the-week. Should be fun!

I have committed to reading one book a week. This used to be nothing for me to do, but I've fallen off the wagon a bit. Life seems to get in the way of the pleasure I get from reading a good book. I need to visit our library and see if we're even eligible for cards (we're not in city limits :( ) but I've got a few to start out with. My first choice is "The Shack," one Santa brought Michael for Christmas so as soon as he finishes the last 50 pages, I am set to start.

Definitely more to come on this topic.


MidniteScrapper said...

Great word! Santa brought my DH "The Shack" and I am secretly reading it...hee hee. My word for the year is FOCUS. I look forward to getting to know you better this year. =]

Menjiness said...

I am with you on the photoshop, I need to learn so much more of it!