Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day 17-25

Day 17 - We could see a house up the hill from us that looked like it had a musical light program, so we took a drive to see it. Very cool!
Day 18 - First snow means snow cones, of course!

Day 19 - Michael's brother Josh and his family joined us to trek north to BC. We stopped at Miner's in Yakima for dinner.

Day 20 - Our first ferry ride and a picture of all 31 Wilwands!

Day 21 - We were so thrilled that Boppy felt well enough to bless baby Cassidy. The roads to church were pretty treacherous, so I think the Bishop was glad we came.

Day 22 - My children are polar bears.

Day 23 - My wonderful in-laws!
Day 24 - Christmas Eve at my mom's house. Prime rib and cheese fondue and a little concert by Macy.

Christmas Eve jammies, always wrapped in gold and opened the night before Christmas.

Day 25 - Christmas Day pictures. My dad spent the day with us, from stockings through breakfast, presents and Christmas dinner. Fabulous day!


Lee said...

FANTASTIC! What a wonderful project, Michelle! Really lovely. Good for you. I hope to get my act together next year and get one produced :)

Voila! said...

Good grief Michelle this album is spectacular! How did you ever find the time to put it together so creatively?! Makes me remember that awesome scrapbook of the ABC's of Philadelphia that you made for me when we moved away. That book is a great treasure and it still makes me cry when I look at it. Well done!

MidniteScrapper said...

So cool! I really love it. I love all the acrylics you had. I also love that you did so many "Christmassy" traditions. Great job!

Brittany said...

I love that book Michelle. I love all the different page shapes!