Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day 9-16

Day 9 - Picked out our tree. We wanted to cut a fresh one, but the only time we could go was at night. We decided not to tramp around the foothills in the dark and got a tree from Klickers instead.

Day 10 - The tree, all decorated. Mason fell asleep but covered his ears while Daddy pounded the tree into the holder.

Day 11 - Micah and Mitchell's school Christmas program. Abdsolutely the best I've ever been to!

Day 12 - A visit with Santa and an envelope for the letters to Santa. Which I saved. Somewhere. Probably hanging out with that gift I know I bought but couldn't find.

Day 13 - Just a few glimpses of our holiday house decor.

Day 14 - Sent out over 80 Christmas cards this year. Love that we have so many good friends to send them to.

Day 15 - McKelle's high school band Christmas concert program

Day 16 - We had a great time shopping for our Angel tree gifts, and we put together a basket for ding-dong-ditch as well.