Saturday, September 23, 2006


This was written by dear daughter McKelle awhile back.

M - Mother
I - Intelligent
C - Crafty
H - Homemaker
E - Excellent cook
L - Laughs a lot
L - Loves to read
E - Embarrassed easily

Mother, well....yeah! Six kids and all. Even before the children came along, I was always motherly. Perhaps a bit too motherly, my younger siblings might say. I have to watch myself so I don't mother Michael. But mostly, I am motherly in a good way. Children tend to collect wherever I house is Grand Central most of the time. Being a mother...that's a good thing!

I like to think I am intelligent. I wonder, though, that McKelle actually wrote that. She seems to question almost everything I say lately.

My IQ is pretty high; I always got great grades. Did all the honors and advanced classes...gifted program as well. But I have discovered at my advanced old age of 37 that even more important than intelligence is wisdom. Wisdom to use that intelligence for good. I would hope that if dear daughter did an acrostic of my last name that wisdom or wise would be used for one of the 'W's!

Michael lovingly refers to my hideout as the "Crap room." And it is full of crafty crap. Lots (and lots and lots) of paper, stickers, ribbon. Punches, a Sizzix, paper trimmers galore. A sewing machine and cupboards full of material and sewing notions. Paints, two glue guns and a wide assortment of other crafty paraphenalia. If I'm not crafty, I certainly need to move out of that room.

I am a homemaker. I don't work outside the home, so that is the little box I mark when I do surveys. At least...most of the time, I don't have to mark "unemployed." Thinking about a homemaker, I truly hope that is what I do. Make my house a home. A safe haven from the world for my family. That soft place to fall.

I love to cook. And bake. And I do make a darn good chocolate trifle. McKelle probably wrote this shortly after having trifle or her all-time favorite, beef stroganoff. If I ignore the pumpkin pie made last year without sugar and forget about the baking powder biscuits made with baking soda, I think I do live up to this quality pretty well.

I do love to laugh. I laugh easily and often. And not just because I'm ticklish, either. Cackleberry was my childhood nickname, given to me by my dad's youngest sisters. I stayed with them quite often and they loved to get me laughing so hard, I couldn't stop. Still happens, on occasion.

The library is my friend! Books, books and more books. I go weekly at least, and more often if I can swing it. I always have a book or two in progress. And I love to read everything. Fantasy, historical fiction, mysteries, science fiction, classics, best sellers....I'm even a big Stephen King fan. I read in the bathroom, in the bath, while nursing. I read at the table, much to Michael's chagrin. I even read while cooking and watching TV. Oh yes, I LOVE to read!

I inherited pale, freckled, red-head skin from my Grandma Jones. And with that skin, I blush easily and quite often. My kids (and dear husband) think it is funny, so they love to do thing that embarrass me. I'm used to it by now, but it doesn't mean I won't blush!

McKelle knows me pretty well. I just hope she remembers some of the nice things she said as she enters the teen years~