Friday, September 08, 2006

What's in your wallet?

Yet another challenge from my ScrapShare friends - and yet again I am late, but I have a good excuse. See next entry for why my post is so late....

What is in my purse? What are the contents of that little brown bag I carry around?

A few state quarters (Texas, Wisconsin, Tennessee) - I'm trying to collect a set for each of the kids, but I'm missing soooo many. Hopefully, my dad will have all those that I need in his big collection of coins.

Blistex, a wint-o-green lifesaver (from my giganto Costco bag), a tin of CoolMint Ice Breaker mints, a cinnamon Listerine PocketPak. A set of nail clippers and a roll of postage stamps (bought as part of my Holiday Grand Plan tasks - getting ready for Christmas early!)

A business card for the piano tuner (gotta call and schedule that - piano lessons start again next week), a list of book club books that my CMC/dear friend Becky recommended and an old OB/GYN appointment card from Mason's pregnancy (note to self: remember to put that in his scrapbook file.)

My PINK razr phone - just got it and finally moved into the modern age of cell phones. DH thought it was high time I had one. Text messaging sure takes a long time....

Insurance cards, library cards, Costco membership cards, LSS store-reward cards, grocery store reward cards, debit card, Kohl's card, a few already-used gift cards (why the heck are they still in there?) and various receipts.

My favorite item in my purse right now, though, besides my new PINK phone is the two very, very long receipts from Kroger and Farmer Jack. Both grocery stores recently had double $1 coupon days and I pride myself on some good couponing ability. It was a necessity while DH was in med school and we had no income except for a pittance of student loans to live on. But that Kroger receipt has to reflect one of the best shopping trips EVAH! I saved over $320 with my coupons that day and only spent $278. Groceries for several weeks for our family of 8, 7 packs of diapers, laundry detergent to last a couple of months (and that's saying ALOT for our family!) and toothpaste to last for a year or more. The Farmer Jack receipt isn't nearly as good - only $75 in savings and a total bill of $90, but still, all-in-all, quite a good month for the Coupon Queen.