Monday, August 28, 2006

Chore Wars

Why is it that the only child in my house that wants to do...or is even willing to do...chores is my two year old? The one who isn't quite physically capable of correct chore behavior yet? When I ask any other child to sweep the floor, there is much groaning and wailing and gnashing of the teeth, but Max makes a beeline for the utility closet and grabs a broom and dustpan. He has claimed one of the feather dusters as his own. I caught him yesterday plugging in the vacuum. "I'm cleanin' the gween room, Mommy." Luckily, the on/off switch is broken and he can't actually turn it on.

He is the only one to consistently take his dishes to the sink and when there is a pile of clean clothes, he can't even wait til I'm finished folding before taking them upstairs to put them away. I have to be careful to check the washer before starting it because he has been known to throw dirty clothes in there.

He is even more fascinated by outdoor chores. He wants his own digger, for pulling weeds. He pretends the bicycle pump is a weed whacker and will traverse the edges of the lawn, "just mowin', mom." The lawn mower's pull cord is a constant attraction and he attempts to pull it anytime we leave the garage open (no worries - I can barely pull it!)

I thought his big brothers and sister would have a lot of influence on him, but I'm sure wishing that these little habits of his would rub off on them!