Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Fantasy Dinners

Our conversation round the dinner table this evening was quite entertaining. Michael was not present as he was still at the hospital, but the kids and I had a rousing discussion of what would constitute our favorite dinner.

Matthew's choice would be a caesar salad to start, chicken drumsticks and ribs, a bit of pizza, washed down with rootbeer floats and followed by a sweet brownie or chocolate brownie trifle dessert.

McKelle would eat hamburger stroganoff (which is what we were having for dinner), chocolate milkshakes and Butterfinger icecream for dessert.

When pressed, Micah changed his answer from "sweets, sweets and more sweets" to "pasta salad and then sweets."

Mitchell just wants "pizza to the ceiling (pepperoni, of course)."

Max agreed with the pizza and icecream and thought a smoothie or popsicle might be yummy.

Hmm, not one of these kids mentioned any vegetables except for the salad. I must be remiss!

And my choice? Now, I do love a good pepperoni pizza, but I'd have to say my absolute best, most fantastical dinner would start with bread sticks from Magleby's in Provo (haven't had them for years but I can still taste them), caesar salad and some sort of fried onion appetizer (Awesome Blossom comes to mind.) The main course would consist of the delicious steak I had at Larco's (chateaubriand) and coconut shrimp and corn on the cob, roasted. Refillable non-alcoholic strawberry daquiris, of course....followed by a selection of cheesecake and Larco's Chocolate Bomb. Mmmmmmm!