Friday, November 21, 2008

Grateful for Mitchell...

I do love this boy. Somedays, it might be hard to tell. He gets on my last nerve more than any of my other children. I think it comes, at least in part, from his position in the family. It is awkward. I get that. And I try to have patience with him. I'm not always successful. But when we're good, when we're really, really good, I can see his true heart and it is golden!

Middle child synrome! Matt and Micah hang out, the little boys - well, they're little. And McKelle is off doing the only girl in the family thing. Mitchell tends to get left out and acts out (not in a good way) to get attention.

But deep down, this boy has a bigger heart than anyone I know.

When our dear friend Eve was diagnosed with leukemia, I saw Mitchell looking at her blog one day and he was crying. When I started to talk to him about it, he looked up at me and said "Mom, I just wish I could trade places with her so she wouldn't have to hurt anymore." When we're reading scriptures as a family, I can count on Mitchell being the one who is most touched by the Spirit.

We'll struggle, he and I. But I will remember and I will know that he is truly a gift and I am so very grateful.