Monday, November 03, 2008

Playing catch up on my gratitudes...

I didn't see Sherry's challenge til this morning, the 3rd, so I missed the first two days of November. Making it up here.

I am so grateful to live near my family for the first time in 20 years. Since I moved away to college after high school, I have been far away from home. Far, FAR away. Southwest, Canada (and not the western side!), eastcoast, midwest. So far that I missed many important and meaningful events. I went almost four years once without seeing my sisters and brother. I missed both my paternal grandparents' funerals. Missed my brother's wedding. And my mom's. Didn't meet nephews and nieces til they were walking. And my parents missed out on seeing all the little things that I think are so important in our day-to-day lives. We were so poor during school and residency, the only times we made it home were when my parents generously covered the cost of our airline tickets.

So I am thrilled. THRILLED! Thrilled to be living close to my family. I love that I got to go shopping in Portland with my mom. I love that my dad got to come over for several soccer games and a couple of Sunday dinners. I love that my dad could come watch the kids while Michael and I took an anniversary trip. I love that I got to see my sister coach her cross country team and that everybody got to see McKelle play a few soccer games over there. I love that we all trick-or-treated together. As a family. How awesome is that?!!!

Grateful. Yeah. I miss Minnesota more than I ever thought I would and if my family lived closer to the midwest, I'd move back in a heartbeat. But for now, I am soaking it all in. All that family time and family love. Definitely grateful.