Monday, November 03, 2008

Replacing my pots

Is that a weird thing to be grateful for? Pots? And pans?

Well, I am. Grateful for pots and pans.

Our were bad. Really, really bad. We've probably been ingesting teflon off the bottom of 15 year old pans for awhile now. And everything we cooked was in serious danger of burning because of the bad spot in the middle of both big frying pans. The lids stopped fitting years ago. Rice is hard to cook when the lid doesn't fit.

Michael decided that one of our first purchases would be pots and pans. He said I deserved it (and since he loves to cook, he wouldn't mind some new stuff as well.) We got a great set and I love it. The lids fit. We don't have any black flecks in our food. And nothing burns....unless I forget something on the stove, LOL.


Brynn said...

Mike bought me a new frying pan thing one year for Christmas, I swear, that will always be one of my FAVORITE gifts ever!!! I LOVE the thing!

I think pots & pans is a great thing to be thankful for! ;)