Friday, November 14, 2008

Grateful for neighbors!

I don't really know my neighbors very well yet. They're mostly older, no young kids. They pretty much keep to themselves. But our landlord said that everybody looks out for everyone else and that was certainly true today.

It seems that a cougar has encroached upon our little piece of civilization here. It was spotted chasing a deer through our next door neighbors' yard. Another neighbor heard it in a nearby cornfield and later confirmed (by tracks, I'm guessing) that it was a cougar. It attacked a horse not far from here. Actually, the Department of Fish and Game officials aren't sure how many cougars are in the area - there may be as many as eight!!! YIKES!

But several of our very sweet neighbors stopped by today to make sure we knew. They've all seen the kids outside playing, especially the little boys and were worried. I'm so glad they let us know. They promised to keep us in the loop. It is definitely nice to have neighbors to watch out for you.


Lee said...

Great neighbours are the BEST! You are very lucky. Keep safe :)