Thursday, April 14, 2011

A brotherly kiss

This layout and the story surrounding it makes me laugh. There are several pictures that I shot around the same time that I did NOT include on the page, just knowing how things sometimes go on the internet.

Somewhere along the line, either on TV or very possibly while waiting for the bigs at the high school, Max observed some very romantic kissing. For a couple of months after that, he would pucker up (or open his mouth!) and then swivel his head from side to side anytime he was giving kisses. In the middle of this photo shoot, he decided to try it on Mason. It was at that point that I decided a little chat on the etiquette of a brotherly kiss might be appropriate.

Studio Calico Joyland kit


Mary Jo said...

To, to funny! I LOVE that background paper!! :)

Christa said...

Ha! It's amazing what they pick up, isn't it?!!
Great layout!

Jessica said...

HILIAROUS! Kids are so funny with their innocence & their take on more adult behavior! So darn cute. A great layout too.

Keshet said...

Fun layout! That was a great kit:)

Ellie A. said...

Oh I am super giggling over here :) This layout is super sweet. I love it.