Monday, April 11, 2011

KP's sketch class - finished week one!

Such a great class with inspirational guest scrappers. I wish I had time to do more layouts for each sketch, but people keep complaining they have no clean clothes to wear and that there is no food in the fridge ;)

Another Joyland kit layout from KP's second sketch. The photos are from back in 2000, pre Max and Mason. I was mama to four, born in just over five years. And just today, I paid the deposit on Matthew's dorm housing for college this fall - crazy how fast time goes.

More Joyland and a slightly different version of sketch 2. I love summer/late spring birthdays since all the festivities can be held outside!

This is from sketch 3. I hope to do a couple more with this as the alternative/rotated versions were really cute. The top half of this came together rather quickly, but the journaling spot gave me fits. I stamped the journal box and decided I didn't like it. I cut shapes to cover it up, thought about painting over it, looked through all my stickers and pre-made journaling spots...and then ended up using the stamped image as it was. I'm not 100% happy with it, but sometimes done is better than perfect. Still trying to use up all the Joyland kit.


Mary Jo said...

Really great versions of the sketches!