Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Posting from the infusion center...

I'm here for about 6 hours today getting my first infusion of Rituxan. Hoping and praying this will kick the Wegs into remission!

I was happy to hear they had Wifi - something to occupy my time along with a couple of books I've had in my stack to read. I wish I could figure out how to scrapbook here - no kids, no dishes, no laundry... ;)

This one is done with SC's Joyland kit from April 2010. The photos are of Matthew & Julia at prom last year. I love their fun relationship!

An Into the Woods layout with that lovely bubble stamp and some clear Zing. I used my big cropadile to punch some of the bubbles and backed it with aqua paper.

I'm taking Kelly Purkey's Sketchbook 3 class - I took #2 and it was so well done. Both of these last two layouts are from her first sketch. I used Joyland again and the lightbulb stamp from Candyland. I used black Zing for the bulbs and butter Zing on the frame.

I used Joyland for this one as well (sketches are fabulous for using up your stash!) as well as the ampersand stamp and some Jenni Bowlin ink in Cough Syrup.

I'm half hour into the infusion and no reactions at this point, so hopefully all will be well.


Mary Jo said...

Hope all is still going well for you!
And your layouts are great! Love the bubble stamp punched like that!

Also, you won the blog hop prize on my blog, so make sure you email me with your address!

Jessica said...

I love your layouts. I never signed up for the sketchbook although I was on the fence. I did take the 1st one so I'm jealous! They are really great classes.

Donna said...

Oh, love the layouts. Hope you are feeling ok. I'm loving the printouts from SB3 so far, but haven't scrapped anything yet.

Kristin said...

These layouts are so beautiful! Lovin' your Easter decorations too! You're very talented. I hope your infusable goes well and the treatment works for you. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog this morning, next time in in Seattle, I'll drop some goodies off!;)

Valerie said...

I love these pages and oh, that bubble stamp - how I covet that thing!! I love the way you used it. I took Kelly's class last go-round and I really enjoyed it - looks like you are too :)