Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tip Two for the Time-Crunched

It's always nice to have a folder or file full of inspiration from others, but hey, YOU are a great designer, too. Tip #2 - Lift yourself!

If you've made a page you love, there is no reason you can't repeat that design again. And again! Your children and grandchildren are not going to look at your albums 50 years from now and say "hey, mom (or grandma) made three pages with the exact same design. What was she thinking?" So go ahead, save time by copying yourself.

I shared this layout last week, made with a Kelly Purkey sketch from her current class. I loved the design, but I also loved creating the circular element with stamps. Specifically, a long acrylic stamp that I could bend around the curve. So I did it again:

I used the adorable pennant banner from Studio Calico and curved it into an arc. I stamped it around in a circle and then used an embossing pen to color in random pennants. Other supplies - Zing in Butter, Blue Metallic and Rouge, Studio Calico tricycle stamp and Sassafrass alphas.

YOU can be your own best source of inspiration! Design it, love it and do it again.


Allison Waken said...

LOVE that tip! I don't think I've ever lifted myself :P

Christa said...

Oh love the layouts, especially the 2nd one! Great advice!

lisa truesdell said...

You rocked the circles!! And hey - this fits my challenge at SC for the week, I hope you'll enter!!

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