Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve traditions

Home again, home again, jiggity jig. Roads were good again. Drove between two bad storms on mostly clear pavement. Definitely feeling blessed for our travel safety.

My mother traditionally hosts Christmas Eve. We have only made it one other time in our married life. I was very excited to be there this year. Nyla and Jed weren't coming up (due to their trip to the Philippines in February) and Trev and Heather went to Wenatchee, but Mom and Chick and Giana, AJ and Macy were all there to share the fun and joy.

Chick cooked prime rib on the Trager. OH MY GOSH!!! So very, very good. Best I've ever had. And of course, cheese fondue, which is the tradition from our childhood. Two of my favorites!

Presents from and to Grandma. The boys got Laser Tag, which has been a huge hit. Max and Mason received some Leap Frog paraphenalia and a doctor kit. Many shots and blood pressure readings later, I think that was a good choice. McKelle got some fuzzy slippers and a gorgeous sweater. And Michael and I got some Wusthof knives! Mom loved the photo book and the framed picture of the kids.

And the entertainment! Oh my. Check out my sweet niece Macy and her musical talent at only 4!

There was definitely joy in my heart sharing Christmas with my family once again.

(Bummer - the video won't upload. I'll have to try again later.)