Friday, December 05, 2008

Who doesn't love shopping??!!

Ok, well, my husband for one. And my boys. And my dad. Basically all the men in my life. And my mother-in-law!

But I LOVE to shop. Shopping for gifts for other people is one of my absolute favorite things to do. I love the brainstorming, then the hunt, that search for the perfect something. Sometimes, it requires me to take home purchased items and create something altogether new, but I love that, too!

I love to shop in stores. I truly don't mind the crowds. I love to touch and feel what I'm buying. I used to go grocery shopping when Michael was in med school (and never home) at midnight so I could really spend time selecting the things that I wanted (wasn't too bad for some rare alone time either.)

I love to shop on-line. It is a bit addicting. The man in the big brown truck is a favorite visitor!

Here's a little sneak peak of some recent fun shopping...something for my ScrapShare Secret Santa. Ooooh, is it you??


MidniteScrapper said...

Oh, I hope it's me! =] 'Cause I need one of those tool thingys for the rub-ons. LOL I love shopping for others too...p.s. Are you the one that made the MAMBI nativity last year? I'm on the hunt for those stickers. =[