Monday, December 01, 2008

I just want it to be peaceful...really.

How do they end up making it a big wrestling match, a war of pinches and smacks, every time we try to do something as a family. Having five boys (and one slightly bossy girl) is sometimes a challenge. I want calm and peace and family togetherness and they want to rough house.

And so, the lighting of the house for the Christmas holidays turned into a pinching war. Instead of everyone participating with joy and seasonal spirit, I had to send two of them to their rooms.

But the house is mostly done and looks wonderful. Perpetrators apologized to the pinchees and the mother. All is smoothed over and for now, it is peaceful (ok, cheating a bit since they're all in bed.)


Lee said...

So glad to hear it happens in your house too :)

MidniteScrapper said...

I totally hear ya! Just try to remember those sweet times when you least expect it and find them huddled in together watching a show, or talking with their one arm draped over the other's'll happen. =] That's family.