Friday, December 12, 2008

Joy from the hands of the giver...

It is almost 12 years old and very few of the stitches are left, evidence of daily use and much love. The red blanket, hand-stitched on tricot by my mother for Micah when he was born in 1997.

Each of my children received one of her beautiful blankets at birth. I begged her to continue the tradition my paternal grandmother had started. 51 out of 52 grandchildren had a handmade tricot baby blanket, stitched lovingly by Grandma Stott. Only the youngest, born a few years after her death, did not have one made by her hand. The blankets were amazing evidence of a grandma's love. I still have and sleep with mine - softened even further with age, missing many stitches, but much loved.

Handmade gifts are some of my favorite holiday presents. I love to give them. Every year, I spend weeks coming up with just the perfect handmade gifts for my sisters/sister-in-law and my mom and mother-in-law. Crafting little gifts for friends is such a joy. And I treasure things that are given to me that the giver thought enough to make for me.