Friday, December 19, 2008

Headed to the True North...

I had some daily blogs set up to post...or so I thought...while we were gone, but it didn't happen so I'll share a little bit of our trip here.

We spent Friday waiting anxiously for Michael's brother Josh and his family to arrive. They left Rexburg around 5am and we prayed that the roads would not be terrible - the whole country seemed to be getting a huge dump of snow and there are some treacherous passes between here and Idaho. We were so glad when they arrived safely around 4pm...and then they got stuck in our driveway!

Ali was shy and baby Brynlee was adorable. After a little potty/nursing/get-the-wiggles-out break at our house, we set off on our trek north. We wanted to make it across Snoqualmie pass before we stopped for the night - it had been closed earlier and storms were threatening. Chains were required yesterday, so Michael picked some up and made sure Josh got some for his van.

We stopped at the famed Miner Burger in Yakima for dinner. I think every sports team in the state of Washington has stopped by here on their team bus at some time or another. The hamburgers were huge (and yummy!) and the fries came in copious amounts (the cashier warned us and even though we cut down our order, we had waaaaaaay too many fries.)

After dinner, we made it through the pass, and it actually wasn't too bad. We stayed in Issiquah for the night, ready to head out first thing in the morning.