Thursday, December 25, 2008

Santa could have just brought a box...

Isn't it funny how we search and search for the perfect gift....and the child ends up playing with the box it came in?!

A couple of funnies from our Christmas break -

Max's Christmas list consisted of two items: a Spiderman skateboard and batteries. Yes, that's it. When asked if he would know how to use such a big present (the skateboard) he replied that he had learned how to ride one in his dreams.

A few days before Christmas, several presents appeared under the Christmas tree. The gold presents for Christmas Eve (jammies,) presents from Granny and Boppy and from Grandpa. Max discovered all the presents and went methodically through them to find his name. When he had them piled in front of them and realized he had three presents, he quipped "why are there three? I only asked for a skateboard and batteries?" A little later, quite perplexed, he came and said "I don't think any of those presents is the size of a skateboard."

When I told Max we were going to meet some new cousins in our travel to BC, I told him that Aunt Kim's boys' names were Zach and Cody. "My cousins are on TV?" asked Max. And Mason, after meeting Uncle Josh, started calling him DrakenJosh, kind of all run together. Clearly, despite stringent rules on how much the TV is on in our house, it is probably too much.

While climbing in the car after one of our pit stops in the trip, Mason jumped into my seat instead of getting into the back in his car seat. As I was moving him to his proper place, he looked at me and said "When you get little and I get bigger, can I sit in that seat?"

And finally, a funny on me. Obviously, the new year needs a recommitment to healthy eating and exercise. Mason commented that "you look like an apple" when I was wearing my pretty new red sweater. Max shook his head and said "Mom looks like a hippopotamus."