Saturday, December 20, 2008

My first ferry ride!

After following some crazy directions off of Yahoo maps through residential neighborhoods, over a bridge and driving in what seemed like a very large circle, we made it to the BC Ferries docking point. Good - we made it in plenty of time to book passage. Bad - getting there in plenty of time meant we had a very long wait for the next ferry.

It was an interesting experience, but we were unable to make the most of it because of the weather. The lookout level (where I desperately wanted to go to take some photos) was closed due to ice, so I had to settle for some indoor pictures. It was exciting to begin with for the kids, but quickly got old. It was a pretty gray day. Too bad we didn't see any whales or something exciting. Mason and I did see a float plane fly by when we went down to the car to get diapers.

We made it to Chemainus about 3:30 and checked into our hotel. I definitely miss Barry and 'Neen living in the big house in Ontario where we all crowded in and stayed together. The island was beautiful, though, and you can see both mountain and ocean from Kim's front yard.