Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I could be mad....or just find the hilarity (joy!) in him.

Even if I did decide to be mad, how could I possibly look at that face and stay that way??!!

What, you may ask, did he do? In the five minutes between sending them upstairs and arriving there myself, this darling child of only two short years managed to coat the boys' bathroom in toothpaste. What probably started out as an innocent attempt to brush his teeth "my own self" resulted in some very minty-fresh artwork on the shower, the toilet, the wall, the floor, the counter. Not sure where all the brothers were during this creative escapade, but man, that kid works quickly.

Despite his penchant for creating super-sized messes, he does add a wonderful amount of laughter and fun to our family. Case in point: we were driving to the Tri-Cities yesterday to do some serious shopping (as Walla Walla has no Michaels, no Costco, not even a Target) and the boys didn't like my choice of radio stations. So we started reciting some of their favorite bedtime stories. One Fish, Two Fish, Goodnight Moon and Dr. Seuss's Alphabet book are some of our favorites, so we have no problem remembering them word for word. Mason's absolute favorite is Eric Carle's Brown Bear, Brown Bear. We started in on that one and the silliness began.

Mommy - "Brown bear, brown bear. What do you see? I see a red bird looking at me."
Mason - "I see a ped pird looking at me." Giggle, giggle.
Mommy - "A ped pird? What's a ped pird?"
Mason - "Ped pird, ped pird. What do you see? I see a pellow puck looking at me."

And so on and so forth through the entire book. Pite pog, purple pat, pack peep, poldpish, preen prog, even peacher. He did the whole thing, changing the first letter to 'P'.

Is this normal two-year old behaviour? Since most of the two year olds we know (in the nursery, at church) don't even talk much yet, I'm thinking not. But it is pretty standard fare for my Mason.