Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The sparkle in his eye...

Ok, I'm stretching it a bit to come up with something glittery. Its probably bad camera work rather than a true sparkle, but I'm going with it...

They say (whoever they are) that a woman tends to marry someone like her father. Although Michael does have some qualities that are similar to my dad's, there are so many things that are different. And one that is very different and brings me great joy during this season is the fact that Michael loves the holidays.

My dad is a bit of a humbug. More than a bit. Michael is anything but. He loves Christmas. He loves to go out and get a tree (dad said his isn't even going up this year.) And this year, we were able to get some nice lights for the house. Michael (and I) were like kids in a candy store while shopping at Home Depot to trim the outside of our house.

I love that he loves Christmas just as much as I do.